Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am A Star

This is a short book about a girl who was hidden by strangers through the Holocaust, and lived to tell her own story. If you have any thoughts or comments about this book, please post them here.


  1. Hey Jenny, Where did you find this book? I would love to read it and maybe use it when I read "The Diary of Anne Frank" with my students. Thanks Jenn

  2. This book is available through Scholastic and Amazon. The book is very short. I will admit that I was surprised just how short, but it does provide a different perspective about being hidden during the Holocaust. Unlike "The Diary of Anne Frank", this girl is not hidden with her family, rather, she must rely on the kindness of strangers, with no family to help protect her. Although the book is short, I did enjoy it. Another title you may consider is "Someone Named Eva". If you are teaching students in 7th or 8th grade, they may find this book a more challenging read. It also has a very interesting storyline. This book is available through Scholastic and Amazon as well. Another story of the holocaust that has a different spin is "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas". Wow! That one will really make you think. It is available in both book and movie formats, so you may show it as an additional resource. It is written from a totally different perspective than traditional holocaust literature. You should preview the movie prior to showing, and consider the maturity of your audience, however, I would say that it would definitely get a group of 8th graders engaged in some interesting conversations. I hope that some of these suggestions help.